"Zombies in Retail" trailer www.zombiesinretail.com

The website for "How to Survive (a Zombie Apocalypse) in Retail" is up and running. Just click the link above. Currently you can watch the first trailer for the television series on the page. More updates to come.

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What's that?! "In the Trees?" Filming Wrapped.

Filming has wrapped on the short directed by Christian Kostyniuk. Troy plays the lead character (Oliver) who struggles to reconcile his relationship with his older brother as the two hunt for something lurking... in the trees!

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Attending the Yorkton Film Festival. May 26-29

On the road now! Stay tuned for updates on the festival and Troy's experience there.

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Film and Television (Selected)

  • In the Trees
  • Zombies in Retail (TV Series)
  • The Witness
  • The Shooting of Dan McGrew
  • Three Colours and a Canvas
  • The Narrator
  • Diamond Planet 2
  • Voices of Reason*
  • Diamond Planet
  • SafeHouse
  • My Unknown
  • Missing Link
  • River Mad
  • The Washroom
  • An Endgame
  • Burying Rufus
  • Collecting Canada*
  • Drive
  • God in a Can
  • The Long Goodbye
  • This is How We Say I Love You...
  • An excerpt from 25 Missed Calls
  • 1/2 a Head
  • The Blind Date
  • The Prisoner – Episode 3
  • Take Out*
  • Suicide Intervention Video
  • Oliver
  • Will
  • Jake
  • The Kid
  • Homeless Man
  • Phil
  • Andrews
  • Multiple
  • Multiple
  • Hud
  • Det. Mitchell
  • Steve
  • Sebastien
  • Isaac
  • Mitchell
  • Baxter
  • Deputy Schroeder
  • Young Man
  • Anthony
  • Joe
  • Jonathan
  • Domino
  • Caleb
  • Jack
  • Young Captive
  • Tim
  • Friend
  • Independent/Christian Kostyniuk
  • HHS Productions/Troy Greenwood
  • Calgary Police Service/Multiple
  • Independent/Braden Brickner
  • Vision10/Shailender Vyas
  • Independent/Darren Harmon
  • FAFC/Troy Greenwood
  • YYC Blitz/Ajay Bhandari
  • FAFC/Chris Bragg
  • Twinraven Pictures/Rocky Mortensen
  • Independent Feature/Kevin Bradshaw
  • Phinchic Productions/Phina Brooks
  • Lyndon Cassell Productions/Lyndon Cassell
  • Independent Feature/Dale Buchanan
  • Columbia University Feature/Anthony Brandice
  • Columbia Grad Film/Chung Lee
  • NYU Thesis Film/Justin Piasecki
  • NYU Thesis Film/Julia Pasternak
  • Hofstra Thesis Film/Robert Barbarello
  • Columbia Grad Film/Karrie Crouse
  • Columbia Grad Film/Andy Parker
  • NYU Grad Film/Mollye Asher
  • NYU/Chris Villegas
  • NYFA/Henna Swami
  • CulpepperWilliams LLC/Stuart Culpepper
  • Independent Feature/Luke Cameron
  • University of Calgary/Fred Fountain

Theatre (Selected)

  • Fool for Love
  • Inherit the Wind
  • Wikipedia Brown Ep. 2
  • Caligula(workshop)
  • Prometheus Bound*
  • The Libertine
  • Cocktails at Pam’s
  • Culture of Fear
  • Eddie
  • Cates
  • Matt
  • Cherea
  • Power/Hermes
  • Harris/Punter/Staff
  • Max
  • Main/co-creation
  • University of Calgary/Mike Griffin
  • Workshop Theatre/Louis B Hobson & Gail Whiteford
  • Zebra Crossing/Drayton Hiers
  • Horizon Rep/Rafael De Mussa
  • Downstage Productions/Anton Degroot
  • University of Calgary/Kate Newby
  • Company of Rogues/Joe Norman Shaw
  • Dog from the Machine/Simon Mallett


  • New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts: Two-year Certificate & “Summer in the City” program
    Acting/On-Camera Training: Jay Goldenberg, Julia Carey, Lisa Jacobson, Neal Lerner, Christine Lavren, Michael Laibson, Rawleigh Moreland, Greg Seel, Charles Mintz, Mary Elaine Monti, Katina Kalin, Jeffrey Pagliano, Judith Searcy, David Debesse
  • University of Calgary: Bachelor of Fine Arts – Drama Studies
    Acting, Voice, Movement, Clowning, Improv, etc: Kathleen Foreman, Val Campbell, Brian Smith, and Dawn McCaughtery
  • Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio (Calgary): 36-week Full-Time Master-Class Program
    Film, Scene Study, Meisner: Christianne Hirt, Joe Norman Shaw, Jane McFarlane, Deb Green, Rhonda Fisekci
  • Julia Carey Private Classes (NYC): Character Process Class & Advanced On-Camera Technique Class
  • Tom Logan’s LA Workshops: On-Camera Commercial Acting, On-Camera Film/Television Acting and “Business of Showbiz”